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Free Full Color Printable Summer Theme Bookmarks

Teachers and parents love to print these 'Summer' themed bookmarks for kids and students enjoyment, great for classroom and home use. Bright, fun and colorful.

summer bookmark - Flip for Reading with a flipflops accent

Flip for Reading:
Water background with pink and yellow summer flipflops

colorful beachball Summer bookmark with Read After Play

Read After Play:
Colorful beachball floating in swimming pool with "Read After Play"

print Summer bookmark : blue sky white clouds green grass

Lazy Days for Reading:
Summer blue sky, fluffy white clouds, green grass with "Lazy Days for Reading"

hibiscus and ocean waves Summer bookmark with Surfs up!

Surf's Up:
Ocean waves and a tropical hibiscus with "Surfs up!"

print Summer bookmark with swirly sun

Swim Eat Read:
Swirly Summer sun, with "Swim Eat Read, summer fun!!"

print bookmark Summer Days - with butterfly, yellow field flowers and sparkles

Summer Days:
Butterfly, yellow field flowers and sparkles with "Summer Days"

print Summer bookmark : AHHHH Reading is the Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day

Perfect Ending:
Tropical palm tree with purple and pink sunset with "Reading is the Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day"

Summer bookmark with Snug as a Bug in a Book - ladybug and sunflower

Snug as a Bug:
Smiling ladybug reading with "Snug as a Bug in a Book"

print Summer bookmark : red popsicle with Slurp and Read

Slurp and Read:
Frost red popsicle - with "Slurp and Read Happy Summer!"

print bookmark Summer Reading Scents - with yellow and purple garden pansies

Summer reading Scents:
Yellow and purple pansies with "Summer Reading Scents"