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Free Gardening Related Printables

List of our free Gardening related printables for kids, students, teachers, adults, parents and intended for teacher, personal and home classroom use only.

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free printable vegetable companion planting guide Printable Vegetable Companion Planting Guide

Whether you're planting a home vegetable garden, or a school garden to teach kids how to grow their own vegetables:

Our Vegetable Companion Planting Guide will help you decide what to plant next to each other.

Different vegetables attract unwanted insects into the garden. When you "companion plant" you're  allowing certain veggie plants to deter harmful bugs, while others help their neighbor vegetable plants grow to their fullest potential. Some also increase the flavor of each other.

free printable companion planting bookmarks

Printable Companion Planting Bookmark Full Set

Our Vegetable Companion Planting Bookmarks are colorful and useful. Perfect little handouts to anyone and everyone who is a fan of vegetable gardening.

Ways people use these printable companion planting bookmarks:

  • Enclose in a greeting card for friends and family

  • Print out a supply to hand out (or post) at local community vegetable garden

  • Thermal Laminate and place in their own veggie garden as garden markers

  • Give to neighbors who are new to "what to plant next to what"

  • As classroom hand outs for students use at home or for learning purposes in the classroom

  Print the Entire Set or Choose & Print One by One

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