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Instructions for How to Print Our Bookmarks

For personal and classroom use only.

Individual bookmarks shown on this website do have a watermark. When you view and print our bookmark pages, no watermark is visible.

Most of our printable bookmarks dimensions are 168 pixels x 600 pixels or 200 pixels x 600 pixels, while a few are a bit smaller.

How to Print:

  • Click on individual bookmark link
  • One 8.5 x 11 page will print, unless otherwise noted.
  • The printable page will open in a new window. Just close that window, and you'll return to this page, so you can make more selections.
  • All bookmark graphics are 300dpi for optimal print clarity.

    Print these bookmarks on heavy paper, photo paper or card stock, with your printer set to High Quality or Photo Quality. If you want to preserve them, you should laminate. Buy laminating kits at your local office supply store, or ยป read the 4+ star review on the HeatSeal Personal Laminator at Amazon.com.

These bookmarks make great gifts!

You may wish to punch a hole in the center top, and thread a tassel or ribbon, for a more finished look. Tuck inside a greeting card, or print and use as Gift Tags on seasonal or holiday presents. Use for table place settings and write names on the back or the top.


Adobe Reader Required for PDF's

Some printables on this website are .pdf files.  You'll need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view and print .pdf files. Most computers have this software installed already, if you do not you can download Adobe Reader free here.

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